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Catch Up On This Incredible Story Series – We’re Serving 1.73 Million People Each Year in the Philippines!

By Amanda Whitmyer on April 30, 2024

Over the past few months, we’ve shared stories of nourishment, volunteerism,  education and hope for children and families overcoming hunger in the Philippines, where 45% of the population faces moderate or severe food insecurity, and 29% of children are affected by stunted growth. This story series highlights firsthand the real-life impact YOU made possible as we work alongside our impact partners, International Care Ministries and Convoy of Hope and global network member Rise Against Hunger Philippines.

In case you’ve missed the story series, don’t worry! Catch up below on our roundup of stories from the incredible community feeding programs serving 1.73 million people each year.

Better World Tondo

A part of the Good Food Grocer, the first-ever food bank in the Philippines, Better World Tondo provides hot meals daily to more than 400 primary school students. The food bank also offers a grocery store experience for community members to collect food to take home — further alleviating food insecurity and economic challenges for families. The hot meals support the local children’s nutritional needs, supporting their education by enabling them to focus on their studies. Learn more about this program and hear from Leni Rose Renton, Rise Against Hunger Philipines Social Worker and Program Lead, and Elizabeth Cabrera, volunteer cook and parent, in part one and part two of the program video.

Kain Tayo Mobile Kitchen

A customized jeepney in the Philippines meets the immediate needs of people and families facing hunger. Kain Tayo Mobile Kitchen provides fresh, cooked meals and take-home food packages to reach the most at-risk communities around metro Manila, Philipines. Volunteers prepare meals every day for 500 families in each community they serve. Meals prepared in the mobile kitchen include fresh vegetables, fruits, protein-rich foods and carbohydrates. Find out more about the mobile kitchen and hear from Arlene Castro, Rise Against Hunger Philippines Nutritionist and Food Safety Compliance Officer, and Beth, a program participant.

Urban Farm

Nestled in Taguig, Philippines, the urban farm began as an empty lot and became a sustainable urban community farm in 2020 as a part of the Good Food Farm, led by Rise Against Hunger Philippines. With a focus on empowering women farmers, farm members harvest herbs, fruits and vegetables, and protein-rich food like tilapia. This farm improves access to nutritious meals for thousands of people in Taguig and creates self-sufficiency by empowering local farmers. Watch this video to learn more about the farm, a vital source of fresh produce and nutrition for the community, and hear from Marilou Furio, Head of the Urban Farm. 

Good Food Farm

Doubling as an agri-tourism resort, Good Food Farm combines agriculture and tourism to sustain its operations, creating 34 job opportunities that enhance the quality of life and generate a stable source of income for farmers. Since 2021, Good Food Farm has harvested and distributed thousands of vegetables and fruits for feeding programs operated by Rise Against Hunger Philipines, providing nutritious meals to nearly 3,000 families weekly to improve long-term food security and reduce malnutrition in Magdalena, Manila, and other communities throughout the Philippines. Discover more about the program and hear from participants, including Baltazar Llanza, farmer, and Geoffrey Gacayan, agriculturist, at Good Food Farm.

Bungkol Elementary School

A school feeding program at Bungkol Elementary in Magdalena, Philippines, serves daily meals, provided by Rise Against Hunger Philippines, to more than 280 students. The meals support the nutritional needs of students and their education, helping them gain weight while improving their school attendance and academic performance. Meals are prepared by volunteers with vegetables from the school’s robust garden, where vegetables are added to the meals. Learn more about the school feeding program and hear from participants, including Josephine Villapando, volunteer and parent, Ma. Lourdes Z. Timbreza, Principal, and Leigh Matthew, a student, at Bungkol Elementary School in videos part one and part two.

Taguig Daycares 

In Taguig, Philippines, a school feeding program addresses the dietary needs of children facing malnutrition by donating meals, distributed by Rise Against Hunger Philippines, to local daycare centers. With five centers in the area, the daycares serve more than 600 students ages 3 to 5 each day, where teachers, volunteers and parents prepare meals at the daycares with additional ingredients, including local fruits and vegetables. Find out more about the program and hear from participants, including Mary Fe Delos Reyes, Child Development Worker at San Jose Daycare Center, and Aiza Laid, mother and participant. 

Dinapa Elementary School

Located in Sorsogon, Philippines, Dinapa Elementary School provides quality education and daily nutrition to more than 500 children weekly, supporting first to sixth-grade students. Meals prepared are distributed to students by Rise Against Hunger’s impact partner Convoy of Hope. Volunteers cook the meals with added local ingredients to boost the nutritional value, further improving the students’ health and development. Watch this video to learn more and hear from program participants, including Agnes A. Llandelar, Principal at Dinapa Elementary School, and Ruby, volunteer cook and parent. 

Oro Site High School

In Legazpi City, Philippines, Oro Site High School serves Rise Against Hunger meals daily, distributed by partner Convoy of Hope, to more than 500 grade 7 students in Legazpi City, Philippines, These meals support the students’ health and education and increase attendance. Oro Site also launched a reading program alongside the feeding program with a 94% success rate. Learn more and hear from participants, including Jolan Torres, School Head, Maribeth Adornado, Teacher and Feeding Coordinator, and Carlo and Patricia, students, at Oro Site High School, in videos part one and part two.

Tula Tula Elementary

In the rural mountain region of the Philippines, students walk up to two hours to Tula Tula Elementary to receive quality education and nutritious meals. More than 200 students receive Rise Against Hunger meals distributed by in-country impact partner Convoy of Hope five times a week, serving kindergarten through sixth grade. The school also partners with Convoy of Hope on seeds and training for the school garden to grow nutritious crops, improving the students’ access to more diverse food. Find out more and hear from participants, including Marlon D. Asis, Head Teacher, and Shane and Leniel, sixth-grade students, at Tula Tula Elementary.

Don Bosco Center

The Don Bosco Center, one of the longest-running community feeding programs in the Philippines operated by Salesian Missions, ensures that 3,500 people in Calauan have access to hot, nutritious meals daily. Rise Against Hunger Philippines, a long-time supporter of the program, serves meals to people of all ages in the community, enabling them to take home food for their families. Watch this video to learn more about the community feeding program and hear from program participants like 9-year-old John, 28-year-old Charlotte and 68-year-old Ricardo.

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