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Good Food Farm Improves Access to Nutrition for Families in Magdalena, Philippines

By Amanda Whitmyer on February 29, 2024

Driven by the vision of a world without hunger, at Rise Against Hunger, we often say It Starts With a Meal™ — but it doesn’t end there. It leads to resilience and self-sufficiency in remote, last-mile communities across the globe. In the Philippines where 45% of the population faces moderate or severe food insecurity, we work alongside in-country partners to address the immediate nutritional needs and empower locally-led solutions to food and nutrition, serving 1.73 million people there each year.

Good Food Farm, a program led by Rise Against Hunger Philippines, works to improve long-term food security and reduce malnutrition in Magdalena, Manila, and other communities throughout the Philippines. Doubling as an agri-tourism resort, this farm combines agriculture and tourism to sustain its operations, but that’s not all. Good Food Farm has created 34 job opportunities that enhance the quality of life and generate a stable source of income for farmers like Baltazar. “In this job, it’s a great help to many families…My family is happy that I have a regular job here.”

Since 2021, Good Food Farm has harvested and distributed thousands of vegetables and fruits for feeding programs operated by Rise Against Hunger Philippines, providing nutritious meals to nearly 3,000 families weekly, significantly improving their overall health and well-being. 

Geoffrey Gacayan, Agriculturist at Good Food Farm

Good Food Farm Agriculturist Geoffrey Gacayan says, “The impact on the livelihood of the farmers is only a financial impact…it’s also how often they’re able to take home fresh produce…that’s a healthy diet for them as well as their families.” He further explains that the farmers harvest several crops to provide the community and nearby school feeding programs that support a nutritionally balanced diet for children and their families. Crops harvested include eggplants, Chinese cabbage, sweet potatoes and string beans.

As this farm has become a reliable source for many people facing hunger, Geoffrey says, “We’re able to impact the lives of people, not only the people we employ, but those who receive our vegetables.” Due to the produce provided to the community and its employees at the farm, Geoffrey is proud to see how the farm has impacted the surrounding communities and seeks to continue to enhance their sustainable agriculture practices.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Good Food Farm and hear from program participants whose lives have improved due to job opportunities and access to nutritious food.

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