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Dinapa Elementary School Provides 500 Meals Each Week in Sorsogon, Philippines

By Amanda Whitmyer on March 28, 2024

In the Philippines, nearly 45% of the population faces food insecurity and malnourishment. At Rise Against Hunger, we work to address this critical issue of hunger through work with our in-country impact partners, Convoy of Hope and International Care Ministries, and global network member Rise Against Hunger Philippines. Together, we provide many programs that serve more than 1.73 million people each year, including the school feeding program at the Dinapa Elementary School. 

Located in Sorsogon, Philippines, Dinapa Elementary School provides nutritious meals for more than 500 children each week, serving first through sixth-grade students. The meals prepared through the school feeding program are distributed to students by Rise Against Hunger’s impact partner, Convoy of Hope. As 29% of children in the Philippines are affected by stunted growth, by adding local ingredients to boost the nutritional value of the meals further, the student’s health and development have continued to improve.  

For parents like Ruby, a volunteer cook at the school and parent, this school feeding program provides hope for her children’s future who enjoy the nourishing meals, “My dream for my children is that even just one of them reach college level.”

Agnes Llandelar, Dinapa Elementary School Principal

Dinapa Elementary School Principal Agnes Llandelar says, “The feeding program is really a big help to the school children. We have a school garden [and] the produce from the garden, the different kinds of vegetables, are added to the food the parents cook.” She further explains how improving access to a diverse diet has significantly impacted the students’ health and well-being and their ability to focus more on schoolwork. 

Agnes says, “There is an increase in the number of school children that are now in normal BMI.” As a result, school meals incentivize attendance, encouraging parents to send their children to school and enabling kids to receive an education. This school feeding program provides hope for resilient and self-sufficient futures — one meal at a time — by supporting the nutrition, education, health and livelihoods of children and their families facing hunger.

Watch the video below to learn more about the Dinapa Elementary School feeding program and hear from program participants like Ruby and Agnes to see firsthand the impact YOU continue to make possible. 

Brighter futures for students and their families start with a meal, and it starts with you. Join our movement and help end global hunger with a gift of $10 or more to ensure communities across the Philippines have the resources they need to thrive.