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A Mobile Kitchen Meets the Needs of People Facing Hunger in Metro Manila, Philippines, and Beyond

By Amanda Whitmyer on February 15, 2024

At Rise Against Hunger, we say it starts with a meal, but it doesn’t end there. As we continue to share stories of nourishment, volunteerism, education and more impact in the Philippines, we’re paving the way toward brighter futures with locally led, lasting, long-term solutions. 

Alongside our impact partners, International Care Ministries and Convoy of Hope and global network member Rise Against Hunger Philippines, we work to address food insecurity.  This critical issue impacts 45% of the country’s population, and 29% of children are affected by stunted growth. Our programs, like the Kain Tayo Mobile Kitchen, provide immediate nutritional assistance. This mobile kitchen is a customized jeepney with a fully equipped kitchen serving metro Manila, Philippines, and the surrounding areas, which first began in 2021. 

To reach the most vulnerable and at-risk communities, the mobile kitchen brings freshly cooked nutritious meals to more than 500 families facing food insecurity in each community they serve. This program also prioritizes the most vulnerable, including children, mothers and expectant mothers, differently-abled individuals and the elderly. Volunteers prepare and provide the meals up to five times a week at the mobile kitchen free of cost with various menu items. People served  also receive take-home food packs.

Arlene Castro, Rise Against Hunger Philippines Nutritionist and Food Safety Compliance Officer

Rise Against Hunger Philippines Nutritionist and Food Safety Compliance Officer Arlene Castro says, “It is very important to serve nutritious foods for our beneficiaries because some of them don’t have the chance to have complete food for the day, so we fill the gap in terms of their food security.” She further explains that meals prepared in the mobile kitchen include fresh vegetables and fruits from the Good Fodo Farm and protein-rich foods and carbohydrates from the Good Food Grocer food bank, two programs operated by Rise Against Hunger Philippines. Volunteers, who are often parents from metro Manila, receive meal preparation training. Arlene says, “We make sure that food served to our beneficiaries are nutritious and safe by first ensuring our volunteers are trained in basic food safety.” Due to the meals provided at the mobile kitchen, the local community is empowered with the nutrition they need to thrive — providing hope for a resilient, self-sufficient and healthier tomorrow. 

Watch the video below to learn more about the Kain Tayo Mobile Kitchen, hear from program participants and see firsthand the many lives nourished! For the 1.73 million people served each year in the Philippines, our impact goes beyond a meal. Your gift will support the nutrition, education, health and livelihoods of those in need worldwide. Join our movement and help end global hunger by donating today.