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Responding to Emergencies

Ukraine Refugee Crisis

Providing nutritious meals, medical aid and supplies in response to the Ukraine refugee crisis.

Meeting the most urgent needs

In early 2022, Ukraine faced a refugee crisis due to ongoing conflict, affecting and displacing millions of Ukrainians from their homes.

Responding to the Ukraine crisis

Alongside Rise Against Hunger Italia and other global partners, we quickly responded to ensure access to food and other assistance.

Providing nourishing meal kits and supplies

Thousands of meal kits, medical aid and supplies have been provided to those affected, ensuring access to the resources they need.

Kids eating a meal
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Providing Meal Kits and Supplies to the Ukraine Refugee Crisis

In early 2022, Ukraine faced a refugee crisis due to ongoing conflict. As millions of Ukrainians have fled their homes to seek safety, Rise Against Hunger continues to work tirelessly alongside our partners in Europe to assist those affected and displaced from their homes due to ongoing conflict. In collaboration with Rise Against Hunger Italia and other global partners, including Convoy of Hope, Feed the Hungry and Foodbank of Warsaw, together, we’ve provided thousands of:

  • Nutritious meal kits, which contained pulses, grains, oil, dried fruit, canned goods, fruit juice, pre-packaged snacks and baby foods 
  • Medical aid and supplies, which contained essential resources for children and their families

Watch the video below to hear firsthand the impact you’ve made possible as several Ukrainian refugees recieve meal kits, medical aid and supplies — providing hope by meeting the most immediate needs of families in Ukraine. 

Ensure Critical Emergency Relief

Provide Hope in Crisis

Your gift to Rise Against Hunger ensures food and other assistance is efficiently and effectively deployed to and received by communities where it’s needed most.


How You Can Help

Rise Against Hunger works with in-country partners worldwide to provide critical aid during times of crisis. Here are three ways you can help our global community just like Ukraine receive critical emergency relief where it’s needed the most.

Donate Gifts in Kind

Product donations help support the fulfillment of our mission of ending world hunger. When you donate toward shipping expenses and sponsor shipments of essential items, your donation provides Rise Against Hunger the opportunity to distribute first aid supplies, antibiotics, critical equipment and more, improving health and well-being in addition to nutrition in communities across the globe.

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Meet the Need Market

To reach the millions of people we serve worldwide, our Meet the Need Market features items that will make a lasting impact toward sustainable hunger relief for generations to come. By donating tomato seeds, emergency meals, hygiene products, and medical supplies to support the most critical regions facing food insecurity, your gift today could mean more to a family or community than any gift before.

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Join Team Nourish

One meal has the power to kickstart a family’s journey out of hunger. When you join Team Nourish, your support sustains our impact. Team Nourish is a community of monthly givers — Hunger Champions just like you — committed to providing children and families with consistent access to nutritious meals that lead to resilience, self-sufficiency, education, empowerment and bright futures in communities worldwide.

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