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Serve Locally. Impact Globally!

Since the launch of Rise Against Hunger’s meal packaging program in 2005, Rotarians have packaged 30 million+ meals for distribution around the globe. Rotary is a critical link to helping Rise Against Hunger meet the United Nations goal of ending world hunger. Rotarians are known for achieving ambitious goals, evidenced by Rotary International’s success with its eradication of polio initiative. Rotarians have now packaged meals with Rise Against Hunger in 11 countries including South Africa, Malaysia, Philippines, Italy, India, Peru, Australia and South Korea.


For entities that have an extensive history of working with Rotarians or Rotaractors, Rotary has a special relationship designation known as collaborating organizations.

Collaborating organizations work alongside Rotarians or Rotaractors, or they offer Rotary members opportunities to participate actively in humanitarian service.

Rotary recognizes collaborating organizations, including non-governmental organizations, government agencies, corporations and universities that have a history of working with Rotarians and Rotaractors on service activities locally or internationally. Collaborating organizations adhere to Rotary’s ethical standards, have no conflicts of interest in their work with Rotary and have a regional or global presence.

Rotary is a leader in the effort to end global hunger!
Download the Rotary handout here.
Rotarians Unite to Tackle World Hunger with Rise Against Hunger

Why should Rotarians get involved in the fight to end world hunger?

  • Rise Against Hunger offers the opportunity to host a hands-on service project at the location of your club’s choice.
  • Meal packaging is an international service project. Rise Against Hunger distributes meals packaged by volunteers to those in need around the globe.
  • Hosting a Rise Against Hunger event builds membership as volunteers from your local community gain exposure to Rotary.
  • Partnering with Rise Against Hunger enhances the public image of both Rotary International and your individual club.
  • Meal packaging events can make great youth service projects for Interact and Rotaract clubs or RYLA conferences.
  • Events promote club team building — they are a unique and fun way to “break the mold” of a traditional Rotary meeting while working together toward a common goal.
  • Partnering with Rise Against Hunger helps transform lives! Not only will the lives of those that receive the meals be transformed, but Rotarians “feel” the transformational experience for those that they are serving.
Rotarians Rise to the Challenge

Rise Against Hunger was featured in the June 2017 edition of the Rotary Magazine for Great Britain and Ireland. Download the full article to learn more.


How is Rise Against Hunger Aligned with The Rotary Foundation?

The work of Rise Against Hunger aligns with these Six Areas of Focus:

  1. Promoting Peace: When people no longer need to fight over food, peace will reign.
  2. Fighting Disease: Rise Against Hunger meals help to improve the health and nutrition of those who receive them.
  3. Providing Clean Water: Rise Against Hunger invests in water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) trainings and technology.
  4. Saving Mothers and Children: Feeding programs operated by partner organizations promote education, encourage children to attend school and improve health and nutrition.
  5. Supporting Education: By delivering meals through school feeding programs, children attend school not only to receive an education, but also to receive critical nutrition.
  6. Growing Local Economies: Rise Against Hunger is seeking Rotary partners to assist with sustainable community development projects. These projects are perfect for Rotary Global Grants. Please contact us to learn how you can get involved.

Rotary is a leader in the effort to end global hunger!

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Fraz Shaikh (District 7710 Rotarian)
Manager, Faith & Civic Development

Rotarians Rise To the Challenge at the Rotary Conference in Manchester