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Meet Godfrey and Taurai, Two Impactful School Leaders in Gokwe North, Zimbabwe

By Amanda Whitmyer on February 23, 2023

Across the globe, as many as 828 million people face hunger today, but real solutions do exist. Through a five-year partnership with ADRA International and communities in Gokwe North, Zimbabwe, the Planting Seeds for Strong Communities initiative has supported long-term food security, increased school attendance, and stimulated the local agriculture economy. What began as an emergency school feeding program evolved into a sustainable solution to empower residents in Gokwe North to lead resilient and bright futures.

Hear from two individuals who participated in the program and how their schools are improving the well-being of their students, their families and their community through nourishing meals and sustainable programs.

Godfrey, Deputy Headmaster for Manuli Primary School

As the Deputy Headmaster for Manyuli Primary school in Zimbabwe, Godfrey has seen students and their parents’ lives transform. From local income-generating activities for parents to support their families to home-grown school gardens and a water system providing students with nourishment, the school is now self-reliant. 

With a significant improvement in agricultural skills, parents are equipped with the skills they need to thrive, children succeed and the entire community benefits from locally grown foods. “The community at large is getting water from the pond that we have here and the children from the community are being fed at the school,” Godfrey said. “When I see my community making progress, I feel very happy, and I also feel included in the community. The worldwide community.”

Watch the video below to learn more about the remarkable journey of Godfrey’s school and community.

Taurai, Headmaster for Nenyunga Primary School

Now considered one of the best schools in the district, Taurai, Headmaster of the Nenyunga Primary school, has seen an 80% increase in student attendance. Since participating in the program, the school has established a home-grown garden where parents volunteer to grow staple crops and vegetables and cook meals for students. 

In addition to more children attending school, parents have also significantly benefited from the program because they can provide meals daily to their families. “We have evolved the community as a whole,”  Taurai said. “The program itself has made a positive impact to the school…When looking at the number of learners, it has increased from 504 to 871. It has reduced the absenteeism of learners.”

Watch the video below to learn more about Taurai’s school and the impact the program has made.

Learn more about our Planting Seeds for Strong Communities program here. Also, don’t forget to join the celebration in Zimbabwe by donating to help even more children on the path to food security, just like the students at Manyuli and Nenyunga Primary schools.