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This Mother’s Day, Let’s Celebrate Aiza, a Mother of Three in the Philippines!

By Amanda Whitmyer on May 9, 2024

Fulfilling the hopes and dreams of mothers and their children in the communities we serve across the globe starts with a meal — but it doesn’t end there. Alongside our in-country impact partners, Rise Against Hunger supports several programs to address food insecurity by providing immediate nutritional assistance and lasting, long-term impact for mothers like Aiza, whose children receive support from their school feeding program. 

In Taguig, a city in metro Manila, Rise Against Hunger Philippines implements a dietary supplementation program at local daycares to improve access to education and nutritious meals for children facing malnutrition. With five centers in the area, the daycares serve more than 600 students ages 3 to 5 daily. They also provide take-home rations for families during the summer, including Aiza, a wife, mother of three and program participant. Teachers, volunteers and parents prepare meals donated by Rise Against Hunger Philippines at the daycares with additional ingredients, including local fruits and vegetables. 

Since her children began attending the daycare center and participating in the school feeding program in 2022, Aiza explains how the feeding program is a great help for her entire family, helping her children gain weight and providing the nutrients they need for proper growth and development. The daily nourishing meals for her children have also significantly improved their school performance, helping them focus on learning. 

“[My children] will get their food from the school feeding program and bring it home. [My son] brings food to his brother and his older sister. That’s why the feeding program is a great help,” Aiza said. She further explains her dreams for her children, “I only want them to finish their studies, and be diligent.” Her three children have ambitions of becoming a doctor and police officer.    

Aiza also shares her gratitude for the teachers at the school helping her children learn and for Hunger Champions like you for making this impact possible for her family and millions of others in the Philippines and beyond. She says, “We are very grateful for all those who help the feeding program. Thank you very much. It is a great thing for us.” Watch this video to learn more about Aiza’s remarkable journey.

This Mother’s Day, we can create a world where no mother has to worry about where the next meal will come from. Join the movement to end hunger with a gift of $10 or more to ensure more mothers like Aiza and their children receive hot meals from feeding programs in the Philippines.