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Our 2021 COVID-19 Relief Plans

By Hannah Payne on January 19, 2021

In 2020, the pandemic brought new challenges to people facing hunger, as well as an increased level of food insecurity around the world. At Rise Against Hunger, we were committed to responding to the increased need, even with a reduced number of meal packaging events taking place. So, as the world began to feel the impacts of the pandemic last spring, we launched our COVID-19 Relief & Resilience Plan to ensure continued support for the people we serve.

With the support of our Hunger Champions, we were able to impact over 1.39 million lives in 28 countries through our COVID-19 relief efforts last year. But the crisis is not over! The hunger crisis, which has perpetually worsened during the pandemic, is still causing severe challenges for people facing food insecurity around the world.

Rise Against Hunger will continue to address hunger and contribute toward the relief and resilience of the children and families relying on our food assistance during this crisis. In 2021, we have updated our COVID-19 Relief Plan, which focuses on two key relief efforts this year:

Providing Grants for Local Food Procurement.

To help meet families’ basic needs while also boosting local economies, we will provide funds for local or regional procurement of food commodities to our impact partners. These funds will supply families with nutrient-rich emergency food baskets, including cooking oil, fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins and more.

Empowering Communities through Sustainable Agriculture Projects.

We will continue implementing our five Empowering Communities projects in Malawi, Mali, Senegal, South Sudan and Zimbabwe. These agricultural development projects build the capacity of farmers and increase their food production, incomes and resilience to crisis.

Through these efforts, we seek to support 600,000 people facing hunger in 15 countries worldwide, including 325,000 students, over the next 12 months. We need your help as we work together to achieve this. Will you join us to make this plan possible? Donate to help us launch these critical efforts.