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Getting to the Root: Integrating Nutrition and Agriculture for Improved Food Security [WHITE PAPER]

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By Rise Against Hunger on December 5, 2023

With moderate to severe food insecurity affecting 2.4 billion people —around 30% of the world’s population — in 2022, global programming to alleviate food and nutrition insecurity remains incredibly important. 

In the international development field, much of food security programming has adopted a standardized approach that silos nutrition and agriculture. This disregards nutrition’s essential role in achieving food security. It is imperative that programming becomes more diverse and pragmatic, integrating nutrition and agriculture to be more comprehensive.

In the white paper below, Rise Against Hunger’s director of technical programs and nutrition technical advisor provide: 

  1. Insights and research on the necessity of integrating nutrition and agriculture concepts within food security programming.
  2. Case studies from Rise Against Hunger programs implemented alongside impact partners in South Sudan and Mali. 
  3. Recommendations for how to integrate agriculture and nutrition within food security programming at the community level.  

Download the white paper for our analysis of current gaps within food security programming and recommendations to address the root causes of food insecurity and increase the representation of nutrition within programming, leading to impactful, sustainable outcomes.