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Interfaith Experience in Houston Inspires a Collaborative 2021

Payton D Author
By Payton Docheff on January 13, 2021

In mid-December of 2020, volunteers from Anjuman-e Shujaee — a Dawoodi Bohra faith community local to Houston — packaged their 50,000th nutritious Rise Against Hunger meal. But they didn’t do it alone.

Anjuman-e Shujaee Houston hosted their Rise Against Hunger Experience three years prior, thanks to one Hunger Champion’s commitment to growing the movement to end hunger. Local Board Member Hussain Ali, who had previously volunteered with Rise Against Hunger through his membership with the Rotary Club of Houston, saw the opportunity to activate a community driven by empathy, awareness and generosity.

The following year, Ajuman-e Shujaee Houston invited neighboring faith community Lifepath Church to join their event. Together they doubled their impact from 10,000 to over 20,000 meals. They resumed collaboration in 2020 — this time, socially distanced!

Our global work represents thousands of community partnerships driven by local leadership, passionate volunteers and a shared vision of a world without hunger. The partnership between Anjuman-e Shuajee and Lifepath Church was one of fifteen Houston-based Rise Against Hunger Experiences led by faith organizations in 2020. We hope for many more in 2021; but despite challenges that may lie ahead, we know we can count on a collaborative collection of volunteers to drive our mission forward.

Located in/around Houston? Redfin includes volunteering with Rise Against Hunger as one of “Houston’s Best-Kept Secrets.” And beyond Houston, Rise Against Hunger has meal packaging locations across the United States, giving you the opportunity to join the movement to end hunger wherever you are. Fill out this form to take the first step in hosting your own meal packaging event!