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Give Hope for the Holidays with the Meet the Need Market

By Hannah Payne on December 9, 2020

It’s hard to believe this year, but the holidays are indeed upon us! There’s no question that 2020 has been an immeasurable year with many challenges. At Rise Against Hunger, we’ve seen how 2020 has impacted people facing hunger and food insecurity around the world, creating severe challenges for these families and communities and increasing the number of people facing hunger. We’ve been committed to responding to the increased need as a result of COVID-19 by providing nutritious meals and locally sourced food baskets for families at risk as well as continuing sustainable agriculture programs – and you can be a part of our work!

If you’re looking for impactful gifts or ways to help during this season of giving, Rise Against Hunger has a great opportunity – our Meet the Need Market! With $13 billion spent on unwanted presents each year, the Meet the Need Market offers alternative gifts that you can be sure will empower others and not go to waste.

You can shop the market online to choose from 16 essential items to donate to a family or community affected by food insecurity. Gifts range from $35 to $9,000, so there’s a chance for you to make a lasting impact in the lives of people in countries across the globe, no matter what your budget is!

On the Meet the Need Market, you’ll find a variety of gifts. From meals to medicine, seeds to soap and even chickens!

You can also purchase a Meet the Need Market gift in honor of someone special in your life. You’ll receive a custom holiday card about your donated gift, which you can share with your loved one to let them know about the impact made in their name.

When you shop to end hunger, no gift goes to waste. Shop the Meet the Need Market here!