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For a Father Working Many Odd Jobs, Consistent Meals Provide Opportunity and Security

Jessica H Author
By Jessica Hubacher on March 19, 2019

In the United States, many people live their day-to-day in a culture where “side hustles” are celebrated as means of funding our hobbies, vacations and other indulgences. However, for many around the world, the need to work many jobs is rooted in a necessity for survival.

This is the case for Teddy, a 26 year old in Swaziland, who works many odd jobs to provide for his family. In his community, there are very few job opportunities, which leaves families like Teddy’s especially vulnerable to malnutrition due to a lack of consistent food. Now through partner Salesian Missions, Teddy and his family receive Rise Against Hunger meals which have not only lifted some of his burden as a provider, but have also had a positive effect on his family’s health.

In addition to improved health for Teddy and his family, their community has also benefited from Rise Against Hunger meals. Teddy shares, “I can see in everybody’s faces the joy of having great meals. I like to eat my meals with my family when I’m home. We prepare it by adding our local spices and the taste becomes great. After eating Rise Against Hunger meals, we like to go for a walk around our community and visit other friends in our area. My hope is that our community will continue to receive the Rise Against Hunger meals as it’s a huge benefit to everyone. By having this food in our lives, we can sleep better at night knowing we will have a secure, balanced meal for the following day.”

Teddy also shares, “I hope to find a stable job one day, so I can pay for my children’s schooling and always have enough food for everyone in my home.” His comments paint a clear picture of the situation those in the community face and what their dreams are for the future.

Henry, a community leader and overseer of two soup kitchens, shares that Teddy is a hard-working man who works hard to provide a better life for himself and his family. Henry explains that he has seen significant improvement in Teddy’s family’s health and lifestyle since receiving Rise Against Hunger meals. He also shares that because of this aid and Teddy’s income not being spent so much on food, he believes Teddy’s children will be able to receive an education.

Henry shares, “I’ve seen a lot of changes in the community ever since they started getting Rise Against Hunger meals: the health of the children has improved and the kids have more energy when playing with their friends. As for the future, I hope every child and adult in our community will have a safe place to receive a delicious meal.”

Cyprian, Manzini Youth Center Social Welfare Officer, shares background on the work of Salesian Missions, explaining that the organization provides food, professional training, health and hygiene lessons for students, adults and elderly. He explains that their work has improved greatly due to the Rise Against Hunger meals, and confirms that having students well-fed every day creates a better learning environment.

Consider donating today to provide life-changing aid to families like Teddy’s, so that they can focus on building better futures and supporting the education of their children.