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FedEx Celebrates 50th Birthday by Packaging 50,000 Meals

By Hannah Payne on May 8, 2023

As FedEx’s 50th birthday approached, its FedEx Cares program set out with a mission — to impact 50 million people around the world by April 17, 2023. FedEx has been working toward this goal since 2019 and announced earlier this year the goal had been met, but the work continued with the 50 Days of Caring leading up to the April 17th birthday— and Rise Against Hunger came along for the 50th celebration with a meal packaging event in Memphis, Tennessee!

At the event in Memphis on April 17, FedEx volunteers worked together to package 50,000 nutritious meals. That’s 1,000 meals packaged to celebrate each year of FedEx!

FedEx has worked with Rise Against Hunger since 2014 to support people facing hunger around the world. Over the past nine years, more than 4,800 FedEx volunteers have packaged meals at 81 meal packaging events across the globe. And earlier this year, FedEx surpassed 1 million meals packaged with Rise Against Hunger! FedEx has also supported Rise Against Hunger’s work by providing shipping grants that have enabled us to send over $34 million worth of medicine, sanitary products and supplies since May 2022 to our international partners for the communities we serve.

The meals packaged on April 17, and at other meal packaging events over the past few years, have supported FedEx’s goal of impacting 50 million people through FedEx Cares by its 50th birthday. We’re so honored they collaborated with us and other nonprofits to achieve their incredible 50 by 50 milestone! Thanks, FedEx, for helping create positive change and make the world a better place! Check out more photos from the Memphis event:

If your company is interested in making an impact with Rise Against Hunger (like FedEx did), please fill out the form on our Corporate Partnerships page!