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Annabelle Celebrates Her 10th Birthday With a Donation Toward Hunger

PaigeA Author
By Paige Anderson on May 28, 2020

Rise Against Hunger is an organization sustained by the passion and dedication of our donors and volunteers. Today, we’d like to highlight an inspiring volunteer who has been an enthusiastic presence at our meal packaging events for several years. Annabelle is ten years old, and enjoys volunteering with her family and friends. Most of all, she says she enjoys the events because she knows they are helping people.

Annabelle has volunteered at five meal packaging events, but this year, she wanted to do even more. For her birthday, she called friends and relatives and requested they donate to Rise Against Hunger in lieu of gifts. She raised $300, and also donated $50.54 of her personal savings. Annabelle says, “I am passionate about helping people and ending world hunger by 2030 and making a change.” She shared that one of her favorite parts of the Rise Against Hunger Experience is  cleaning up at the end of the event!

Annabelle’s most memorable volunteer experience was ringing the gong, which we ring at events to signify every 1,000 meal milestone. Her mother shared that Annabelle waited five long years for the opportunity.

Annabelle wants children her age to know that volunteering can make the world a better place, and even if you donate a single dollar, you are helping someone in need. Annabelle’s goal for the future is to continue helping others and to become a firefighter. We are so honored to count Annabelle as one of our Hunger Champions, and we look forward to packaging meals with her for years to come! Annabelle is a shining example of the fact that you are never too young or old to make a difference. If her story inspired you, visit our Take Action page to find out how you can get involved, too.