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30 Ways You Can Help End World Hunger in September for Hunger Action Month

Mackenzie G Author
By McKenzie Grimes on September 1, 2022

Happy Hunger Action Month, Hunger Champions! Hunger Action Month is an initiative designed to mobilize everyone everywhere to take action, raise awareness and join the movement to help end world hunger! 

Here at Rise Against Hunger, we are growing a global movement to end hunger by empowering communities, nourishing lives and responding to emergencies — our vision is a world where hunger ceases to exist. For the 2.3 billion food insecure people around the world (almost 30% of our global population), it is crucial that we come together to spread the word, take action and dedicate ourselves to finding long-term solutions to alleviate hunger. 

In honor of Hunger Action Month, we’ve created a calendar of 30 things you can do each day to make an impact in ending world hunger in your own community and communities worldwide! We hope this calendar inspires you and your network of friends and family that you have the power to make a difference in the world. It Starts With A Meal™, and it starts with you!

Download Hunger Action Month Calendar here!