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Could you change the world with two empty rice bags and $10? Last week, a group of 80+ NC State University students set out to do just that. The students, who are studying Textile Technology and Textile Engineering, set out to repurpose the rice bags into sustainable products that could be of practical use for people residing in the countries Rise Against Hunger serves around the globe.

With just two empty rice bags, made of polypropylene, along with an additional $10 for supplies, 21 teams of four students created a wide range of products, big and small, that were designed to solve common challenges around access to clean water, protection from the elements, food production and more.

Here’s a look at some of the most inspiring designs from the fifth annual Rice Bag Challenge!

First Place: The C.O.T. (College of Textiles) Cot can be used as a hammock bed or baby carrier. The design features mosquito netting for protection against malaria.

Second Place: This Vaccination Messenger Bag is designed to keep medicines cold for up to 53 hours during transport, and features a comfortable shoulder strap for carrying the bag long distances.

Tied for Third Place: This water filter can be hung from a tree branch and features multiple layers of natural materials, including rocks and sand, to ensure water quality.

This window blind features a special reflective coating to keep the sun out of children’s eyes while they are studying in the classroom.

Honorable Mentions:
This hydroponic plant structure could be used in an urban setting where access to soil is limited.

This adjustable baby carrier can be strapped to one’s front or back while working, eliminating the need for childcare, which is not readily available in many developing areas.

We were inspired to see these creative designs, as well as the students’ ability to think outside the box to change the world. We know we need to continue to generate innovative ideas to combat hunger and poverty around the globe in order to end hunger by 2030! Visit our Get Involved page to join us today.

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