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Muzkukhona is an ambitious 26-year-old with big dreams and a focus on the future. This is a description we hear often of men Muzukhona’s age, but his circumstances are quite different. Muzkukhona grew up in a poverty-stricken settlement in Swaziland, where the economy is extremely unstable and oppressive rainfall occurs even during the driest months.

Muzkukhona is a part of the Manzini Youth Care program, where he receives nutritious Rise Against Hunger meals and bars of soap through partner Salesian Missions. Before he was given Rise Against Hunger meals, he relied on a diet of pap — a traditional South African meal similar to porridge — and beans.

He shares, “Since I have received the Rise Against Hunger meals my life has improved from poverty, suffering and stress of the future.”

Beauty, a community group leader, helps to prepare the Rise Against Hunger meals. She explains that since serving the meals, she has seen positive changes in the health and happiness of her community.

“Seeing the children very happy and always in a jolly mood makes my heart melt,” said Beauty.

In addition to the meals Muzkukhona and other community members have benefited greatly from the donations of soap provided by Rise Against Hunger. Soap bars distributed through community feeding programs, like the one Muzkuhona is a part of, encourage positive hygiene practices and hand washing before meals, which helps to prevent the spread of illnesses.

Brother John Thusi, Manzini Youth Care Welfare Director, shares that the donations of Rise Against Hunger meals and soap have helped the community of Manzini in many ways. He recognizes that the correlation between the distribution of soap and Rise Against Hunger meals and a decrease in poverty and crime is visible.

He shares, “The facial expression I get from the people when delivering the Rise Against Hunger meals and the soap makes me feel good because it shows that I am doing something that makes them happy.”

Because of these meaningful contributions, men like Muzkuhona are able to focus on the future without worry about meeting their basic needs. To make an impact in the lives of people around the world like Muzkuhona, donate today or get involved in the fight to end hunger!

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