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On International Day of Peace, we at Rise Against Hunger reflect on the impact that conflict and forced migration can have on food security in communities around the world and look for opportunities to provide aid to those affected. In reports by the World Food Programme, we see that food insecurity is both a contributing factor and a weighty consequence of conflict and violence. They share, “Food security is critical for political stability. Food insecurity is linked to increased risk of democratic failure, protests and rioting, communal violence and civil conflict. Violent conflicts, in turn, create food insecurity, malnutrition and – in some instances – famine.”

As we advocate for peace, we believe we must act in the interim to aid those who, sometimes literally, have been caught between the crosshairs of conflict and political turmoil. Addressing the topic of conflict and its impact on forced international migration, we reflect on the state of need that refugees face and believe it is increasingly vital that aid is delivered and needs are met.

According to a recent publication from the World Food Programme, “Forced displacement has reached a record high, with 65.3 million individuals displaced worldwide by the end of 2015 – including refugees, Internally Displaced Persons and asylum seekers.” With this in mind, these individuals, typically fleeing from areas where they have experienced violence or famine, are often in critical need of healthcare and are left without the most basic nutritional necessities. Partnering closely with partner organizations, Rise Against Hunger continues to seek opportunities to aid those in this position.

One of Rise Against Hunger’s potential upcoming initiatives would be aimed at aiding refugees in West Africa in the coming years, specifically serving Lake Chad refugees in Mainé-Soroa department in Niger. Since the beginning of the Boko Haram conflict in 2013, more than 2.4 million people have been displaced in Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad and Niger. Rise Against Hunger will be establishing a pilot-feeding program at a regional hospital and a school in Maine Soroa, where critical medical supplies as well as Rise Against Hunger meals be distributed to those in need of medical treatment.

To make your impact on those affected by crises around the world, donate to our Global Emergency Relief Fund today.

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