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During the lead up to the midterm election, Rise Against Hunger called on you to join us and Vote to End Hunger. Now, that the midterm election is over, are you wondering what’s next? Election Day is just the beginning!

To learn more about the impact of the election on foreign assistance, check out the resources provided by Rise Against Hunger partner, the United States Global Leadership Coalition (USGLC). This broad, diverse, nonpartisan coalition that represents business and nonprofit interests has compiled a detailed analysis of the election based on conversations during the election season as well as the mid-term election results with a look specifically at the impacts on foreign aid and development. Some key points include: (1) foreign policy is not a primary driver for voters, but still matters, (2) decision makers are receptive to foreign assistance, and (3) there are opportunities for bipartisanship. You can also use this resource to get to know the new members of Congress, in the House and the Senate. Making your voice heard by voting is very important, but so is the work that happens in between elections and that starts now! Rise Against Hunger partner RESULTS is featured in a recent opinion piece about the importance of staying engaged as well as in this older but still relevant opinion piece. As the headline of one of these articles reads: the Elections are over; our job as citizens is not over.

You can also sign up to be a Hunger Champion with Rise Against Hunger and join us as we raise our voices to end hunger!

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