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August has arrived, which means the time has come for families to flock to stores to fill their carts with notebooks, pencils and other school supplies. For many kids, back-to-school means full backpacks, highly anticipated first-day-of-school outfits and full lunchboxes. For countless children around the world, however, this is not the case.

For every child who is full of energy, jumping out of their parent’s SUV in the carpool line, there is a girl like Lina, who is out of bed before the sun has risen to help her family before walking to school on an empty stomach.

For every parent who hides a handwritten note inside their kid’s lunchbox as a mid-day surprise, there are mothers like Rose, who volunteer in the school kitchen just to ensure their children have food to eat each day.

For every principal who is focused on meeting testing milestones for the school year, there are school leaders like William, who shares how thankful he is for Rise Against Hunger meals, which have enabled students to focus on their studies and stay in school.

This back-to-school season, we challenge you to reflect on what education means for children in need across the globe. For many, a day full of classes also means a guarantee of a full belly, and a continued education provides a way out of poverty and hope for a brighter future. Kathy Harding, a team lead with partner Anchor of Hope Charities’ shares, “The only chance these children have to grow up and make something of their lives is to attend school. A school that can address their health and well being along with their academic needs. This program allows us to deliver life-changing, even life-saving, support…”

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