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Washington D.C. Metro Area

44645 Guilford Dr., Suite 210
Ashburn, VA 20147

Phone: (703) 348-2366

Fax: (919) 839-8971


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Rise Against Hunger National Capital was founded in 2012 and serves the greater Washington, D.C. and Baltimore regions. Through 2017, more than 53,000 volunteers from local groups including companies, schools and communities of faith have teamed up to make a difference! In our region, we’re projected to facilitate the packaging of nearly 4.2 million meals in 2018. We’ve been fortunate to send meals to countries such as Malawi, Peru, the Congo, Mozambique, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and more. The National Capital team is always looking for new opportunities to engage our local community! Contact us today to set up a meeting.

Volunteer Opportunities

Every other week we host volunteer nights at our warehouse in Ashburn. We are always looking for volunteers willing to stack boxes, clean equipment and help us with general upkeep. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Yasmin Ibrahim at

You’re Invited to a Community Event!

We will be hosting a 300,000 meal event on Saturday, November 3 with the Community Event. We welcome 1200 volunteers to join the effort. Register here with your friends and family.

Washington D.C. Metro Area Community Engagement Board

The Rise Against Hunger Washington D.C. location is supported by Community Engagement Board members Joyce Lynn, Beth Konkoski, Tamiya Earley, Jeanne McGuirk, Ken Junge, Charles James, Mike Martin, Faith Boruta and Jennifer Seinfeld.

Community Engagement Board Member Spotlight

Each year, board member Joyce Lynn holds her own 50,000 Meal Packaging Event. Joyce hit a milestone in 2018, packaging over 200,000 meals.

Partner Spotlight

In 2018, Islamic Relief USA committed to packaging 520,000 meals across the U.S. with Rise Against Hunger. With their hundreds of volunteers throughout the country, we have been able to send meals to all over the world through this initiative. We’re grateful for this partnership which well only serve to help us in our goal of ending hunger.

Rod Brooks with Volunteers at Kraft Heinz Convention

Take Hunger Into Your Own Hands

Meal packaging events offer a powerful way to make a hands-on impact on world hunger. You raise the funds and rally your friends and family as volunteers, and we'll take care of the rest.

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