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We’re on the road to end hunger, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Goal #2 of Zero Hunger. From the implementation of sustainable community development projects to our meal packaging program that harnesses the passion of local volunteers, we strive to make an impact on hunger by building resilience, self-sufficiency and empowerment in communities worldwide. Here are three ways we’re accomplishing this goal!

Nourishing Lives

Safety Nets

While long-term food security projects take root, communities facing food insecurity still need to meet their basic needs today. We support safety net programs that provide nourishment as well as education, skills training or health services that support the difficult journey out of poverty.

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Responding to Emergencies

Crisis Relief

From droughts to floods, in conflict zones and transitioning political situations, food is often the most immediate need. When everyday access to food, wages, and market systems are destroyed in the wake of emergencies, Rise Against Hunger works through a network of in-country partners to address these needs. We strive to ensure food and other assistance is efficiently and effectively deployed to and received by communities when it is needed most.

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Empowering Communities

Agriculture and Income-Generating Initiatives

We bolster agricultural production and incomes through programs promoting improved agricultural methods, business skills and market access. With training and access to quality seeds and fertilizers, farmers can increase production and harvest a variety of nutritious crops. By supporting fish and livestock production, we provide pathways to diversifying diets and improving nutritional outcomes. Through income generating activities we help individuals increase their earning potential and consistent access to food.

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Our Impact

25,272 Meals Packaged This Week
543,410,686 Total Meals Packaged
78 Countries Served
2.7+ million Lives Impacted in 2021
85,300 Volunteers Engaged in 2021

Please visit our Global Impact page to see where our meals and other transformational assistance have been distributed.

Make a Hands-On Impact!

Rise Against Hunger would not be able to accomplish its Nourishing Lives, Emergency Relief or Empowering Communities efforts around the globe without the support of our volunteers. Make a hands-on impact on hunger by packaging nutritious meals that will change lives for decades to come!

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