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Of the ongoing work Rise Against Hunger leads in Haiti, one of our notable initiatives is supporting New HOPE Hospital, a care facility under the guidance of Dr. Eugene Maklin, the hospital’s director and founder. Dr. Maklin began reaching out to Rise Against Hunger before there was even a hospital to support, knowing there was a need and exploring ways to meet it. The connection was initially made through an existing Rise Against Hunger partnership with an orphanage and has grown to be an impactful partnership. Our aid largely consists of medical supplies contributed by MAP International and Rise Against Hunger nutrient-rich meals.

One patient, Rose, age 67, was initially hospitalized last spring with a fever, cough, vomiting and dehydration. While an inpatient, she received food and medicine and is now treated for high blood pressure as an outpatient. Every two weeks, Rose makes the trek to the hospital from Cap Haitian, paying a small fee to catch a ride on a motorcycle. For patients like Rose, New HOPE Hospital provides more than medical care, it provides the chance at a healthy and joyful life.

Working to address the needs of the community and also focusing heavily on births, the hospital serves 100-120 outpatients and 30-40 inpatients each day. In addition to ongoing support from Rise Against Hunger and other organizations providing supplies, Rise Against Hunger also plans to leverage a new partnership with Le-Vel Brands to provide protein drinks to patients who most need it.

For more on how you can get involved in our work to support hospitals like New HOPE, visit our Get Involved page, or make an impact today by donating.

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