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Farmers are some of the most food-insecure members of society in developing countries. Farm yields depend on the availability and affordability of quality seeds and fertilizers, and climate change has made weather patterns unpredictable. Those in rural areas often lack access to markets where they can earn a fair price for their produce.

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We aim to increase agricultural production and incomes by promoting improved agricultural methods, business skills, and market access. Our programs help smallholder farmers build resilience to the shocks and stresses of climate change by promoting ecological approaches to agriculture as well as diversification. We’re working with partners to introduce climate-smart agriculture in Cambodia, enable year-round food access in Kenya and build resilience to climate change in Nicaragua.

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Impact Story

Building Resilience to Climate Change in Nicaragua

Alex Mateare Carazo

Rise Against Hunger has teamed up with U.S.-based non-profit organization Growing Hope Globally (Growing Hope) to ensure that farmers facing hunger around the globe can produce enough food to feed their families year-round. In Nicaragua, where the most pressing challenges include climate change and limited access to water, farmers are learning sustainable agriculture methods at farmer field schools that reverse environmental degradation and maximize scarce water resources. Families are restoring soil through crop rotation and mitigating the risk of crop failure by planting a larger variety of crops, including drought-resistant varieties. Beyond the farm gate, Growing Hope’s in-country partners World Renew and Fundación San Lucas de Nicaragua are also training community leaders how to advocate within their municipalities for water access and climate adaptation plans.

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