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Rise Against Hunger provides many opportunities to engage our corporate partners and their employees actively in our mission to end hunger. Our Corporate Team works with companies to help them reach their CSR and employee engagement goals as we serve those in need around the world. Consider how your team might join us:

  • Engage your employees in our meaningful hands-on meal packaging program.
  • Build a global giving campaign engaging the entire company
  • Support sustainable community development programs
  • Join impact trips and experience how your donations help build communities
  • Fund expansion projects and help grow our global footprint and impact
  • Provide in-kind gifts to increase our in-country partners’ capacity
  • Enroll your employees in skills-based volunteering to increase both our capacity and your staff’s skills.

We are located in 20 cities throughout the U.S. and have five international affiliates in South Africa, Malaysia, Italy, India and the Philippines. We are able to offer a global meal packaging programs in most any part of the world, providing support to multinational companies. If your company would like to help us end hunger and inspire new leaders to support those in need, partner with Rise Against Hunger today.

For more information, please download additional resources below:

Corporate Meal Packaging Events
Employee Giving
Product Donations
Skills-Based Volunteering
Cause Marketing Campaigns
In-Country Partner Trips
Global Giving Campaigns

Is Your Workplace Ready to Get Started?

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